Saturday, July 4, 2015

Right ear

thump, thump thump
of the beat in the ear
as it waits, waits, waits
for a call drawing near

beep, beep, beep
of the phone in the ear
as it signals the call
of a voice drawing near

blah, blah, blah
speaks a voice in the ear
as it yaks, yaks, yaks
from a lip and a sneer

roll, roll, roll
of the eyes from the ear
listening to the call
it wishes it didn't hear

roar, roar, roar
is the whine in the ear
it brews and it bubbles
as a full glass of beer

yip, yip, yip
still the bark in the ear
voice gripes, gripes, gripes
from the pain in the rear

sigh, sigh, sigh
are ghosts avoiding ear
who fall from the breath
from the eye falls a tear

drips, drips, drips
leaky mouth in the ear
a minute turns to ten
turns to a week and a year

click, click, click
sudden sounds in the ear
the call must have dropped
great relief, even cheer

Monday, June 29, 2015

Abysmal dark

deep in dirt their hands
reach down in abysmal dark
the absent color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
from the ancients of ancients
who swam in squalor puddles
absorbing into the color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
from steel trunks into choking
lungs, depleted the elemental
that rose from whose hands
reach down in abysmal dark

whose hands have reached
the puddles that remain from
remains settled in silted time
the grime the color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
into young arisen of the dirt
where hands still reach into
abysmal dark and cavernous days
the ravenous haze lingers
yet and swirls into the lungs
that turn into the color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
from chariots and trading
caravans and shooting comets
polluting, vomits, gasping
reaching into the abysmal dark

deep in the dirt they gnaw
calcium grinding calcium stones
whose bones pick teeth
and teeter as buried temples
where flesh and blood have
flown into the color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
for light, for words, for young
arising from the dirt where
hands dig deep into the dark
to forget, to remember, to
turn into the color of pitch
that stirs and bellows forth
and rises to fall upon the cold
the older than the old who
no longer remain as remains
within the abysmal dark

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tear the tears away

some days the wind takes her
beyond the technicolor shoes
beyond worlds of rainbows
above the clouds and the blues

some days the wind shakes her
by slamming the door
like it did to her mother and her mother
and their mothers before

but she is a child of the wind
and knows how to find her way
she knows it's worth the fight
and how to tear her tears away

one day the wind will make her
into the song sung from her heart
into the joy and the love
she possessed from the very start

one day the wind will wake her
and she will know she's so much more
like it did for her mother and her mother
and their mothers before

for she is a daughter of the wind
and knows there's a better day
she knows it's so worth the fight
and how to tear her tears away

- for Jaimey

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Grains of rain

in the grains of rain,
so temporary and loose,
are captured small worlds
lasting as long as the 
grains of rains remain

moist eyes these wink
collecting the grains of rain
and peer into views above,
around and within what
the grains of rain contain

oceans puddle murky and
still full of the grains of rain
until sun straws dive into
puddled portals to sip
the grains of rain champagne

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cupid these days

found feathers, formerly floating
now fallen, fastened now

a passing kissing fancy
of this, a heart enwrapped fantasy
passing thoughts what could be

cheeks rest on forearms
a titled head with heaven glances
longing wishes of more those chances
at least of beat skipping dances
that linger in dreamy trances

but Cupid carries tasers these days
and is here and gone and rarely stays
to simply stun with a little fun

a tickle, a tease, please,
oh won't you please
instead draw back your bow
and penetrate this heart
with your sharp headed arrow

be done with it and me
in flesh bound satisfactory
let the blood flow down my chest
and in it find your rest

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Car candy

multi colored jellybeans zoom
there and back again on streets
of black licorice lanes

and with the jellybeans join
over-sized gumballs and
jawbreaker freighters

dances commence within
the licorice tangled intersections
as red, green and yellow gumdrops
blink and wink and stare

maple syrup drips and drops
with glazing rains in early morn
to sparkle shine the streets
of sweets in later shining day

frosted wafers stand at edge
of licorice lanes to guide the
beans and breakers and balls
along the sweetened streeted lanes

and jelly wheels spin around
to carry each along their way
through maple syrup showers
into sparkling shine of day

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scenes from the Blue Garden: part 10

Grass flowers


I spy outside my window
a tiny bird simply sitting there
without a worry or a care
so still the little sparrow be
amidst the fallen blades of green

and as I spy so too does he
upon his world of fallen green
the newly turned darkened dirt
wet with rain and freshly sown seed

so strange this moment
I share with the little bird
as we both pause without a word
to simply stop in life's busy hours
and remember the stand of grass flowers

it once ran from fence to fence
and bellowed waves with the winds
and sparkled in the dawning rays
harboring a multitude of residents

the rains spawned fungi spore
as I found tiny mushrooms
and too the many clover blooms
which claimed the land as "ours"
under dancing stems of grass flowers 

the reach tempted me to tarry there
as the tiny bird without a care
and laid me down amidst the stand
to listen close to the grassy prayer 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jargon jaunting: part 'cept for

ignore who wore
the crowns and scepters

look more to your
own frowning specters

a past in class
of "look-down" receptors

the caste amassed
in surrounding sectors

'cept for...
'cept for...
the squalling lector

'cept for...
'cept for...
the call of nectar

implore the cores
of all defectors

restore and shore,
enthrall protectors

deplore the lore
of pol directors

explore, care for,
above all, connectors

'cept for...
'cept for...
the gall in vectors

'cept for...
'cept for...
the thrall of scepters

Thursday, May 7, 2015

May pull

it stands behind the house
with arms full of green hands

and dances with those winds
that bring the clouds to earth

dance partners they may be
in overcasts and humid shade

both letting go inhibitions
as they flow through each other

the wind releasing wet breath
an essence of stirring kiss

the tree releasing paddled seeds
promises spinning in the breezy sea

in the multitudes they set sail
from the arms full of green hands

to twirl and spin and float and fall
and fill the grass with whirlwind wings